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once of the best atmospheric game. Very symbolic

Hard to find words to review this with. Unique, to say the least.


no entendi nada pero esta bonito tk nono UwU


This is hands down one of the greatest atmospheric games I've ever experienced. I would replay it regularly but recent update to Mac OSX Big Sur seems to have broken it (icon jumps in the dock infinitely). Any chance for a fix? Thank you in advance!


Hey thanks for pointing that out! I'll have a look into it, I know a dev with a mac that may help me sort it out. Thank you for your words too

Awesome! It would be great to be able to play it again. I'll keep checking back in here for any future updates. Cheers!

Fantastic and incredible, there are no words to describe how many things can be expressed in such a short game.

Just one question, at the lower left corner of the screen, there is a rectangle of 1x2 white pixels everytime, is thar on purpose?

Thanks a lot, I've also seen 00_a glimpse and can't wait for 000_towerofnoone.


Really loved everything about it, can't wait to see what's next!

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A few bugs I found:

1. Softlock at Bridge (Attack over edges to launch out of bounds)
I happened to stumble upon a softlock. At the big bridge you can attack over the edge to get a leaping attack, but you get sent flying so far that there's no respawn trigger, so you keep falling forever (well I only stuck around for about 1 min before got fed up). I'm sure there's a bunch of these possible in other places as well.

2. Pixels of cursors remain visible on bottom left corner.

My cursor is always visibly stuck in the bottom left corner (you can barely see it in the video above as well), which is a bit annoying.

3. If you press ESC to pause the game in the final section of the game, you will have 2 set of "Quit{Y) Go back {Esc)" 

The first ESC press will replace the text that scrolls telling the final part of the story, then when pressing ESC again you are still paused with even bigger texts alongside the normal one. So you need to press Esc 2x times to unpause in this section of the game.

Hey, first of all thank you, really helpful for you to take the time to tell me about the bugs in detail.

1. I didn't know this one was possible, it'll be easy to fix so thank you again.

2. I'm not sure what you mean, there's a white single pixel in one of the corner of the screen usually, which may be what you mean (can't see it in the video) since the actual cursor is invisible,

3. This one may be harder to fix, I may leave it in there for now since it's not game breaking.

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2. Yeah, that white pixel in the corner is what I'm referring to (I kinda just assumed it was a part of my cursor).

3. I mean there's no reason to even pause during the end anyway, but I like to try stupid stuff haha. I just mentioned it in case it was a simple fix, so it's no big deal really if it doesn't get fixed.

But you're welcome, these were just some stuff I stumbled upon while playing. I really like the game and I'm looking forward to futures installments in the series :)

this game looks really cool but somehow it quits after i click start..downloaded from itch directly

Someone else had this problem too, can you usually run other unity games in 3D without much issues? To be honest I'm not sure why this would happen, but I believe it has something to do with the shaders in the game and the graphic card

yep most other 3D/unity games (at least those I've downloaded from itch) are fine - but my mac simply doesn't do well on games lol


I've played this game in a small college dorm around 2018, and it's really had a lasting effect on me ever since! From the music to the story, this game really piqued my interest in game design, and historical architecture altogether. Thank you for developing, and I'm looking forward to the next game in the series!

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I love this game's feeling and graphic style.


I played this game a while ago and I still think about it very often.  


I did a little gameplay speaking the texts I found from the game in Spanish, a very interesting game that gives you theories of what it means.


Tainted By Knights of Concrete Shades
Bestowed Traversal Through Concrete Abstract Realism.
What is this?


I loved the game the sounds are very inmersive and very special and interest story claps claps for you


Loved it! I'm still a bit confused about the story, but other than that this was amazing. 

Thank you!!


Hola,queria preguntar si existe alguna manera de configurar el juego para bajar la resolucion,gráficos,etc.

Mi pc no lo corre muy bien y quiero poder disfrutar esta experiencia,espero su respuesta.


Hi, I wanted to ask if there is any way to configure the game to lower the resolution, graphics, etc.

My pc does not run very well and I want to be able to enjoy this experience, I await your response.

Yo me lo descargué hace también relativamente poco y tuve el mismo problema. El juego no tiene ninguna opción de bajar la resolución, así que lo que puedes hacer es:

Si te has descargado la versión de x64 prueba con la de x32.

Si sigue funcionando mal prueba a cambiar la resolución de la pantalla de tu ordenador,Se verá más pequeño pero correrá un poco mejor, aunque yo hice esta opción y llegó una parte en el final en el que era imposible ver nada por un objeto que daba mucha luz, pero creo que es algo que le pasó solo a mi ordenador, porque no he visto ni leido a nadie que le ocurriera.Para cambiar la resoluión ve a las opciones de tu ordenador, pantalla y si deslizas creo que ya puedes encontrar la opción.

Y finalmente, si estás usando un Mac, te recomiendo que pruebes ha usar la versión antigua. Por lo que he visto no cambia mucha cosa de la nueva y se puede disfrutar perfectamente.

¡¡Espero haberte sido de ayuda y que te guste el juego!!


I like to zoom


Decent experience! Nice aesthetics, sound levels varied quite quickly, a little dull as a game but enjoyable as an artistic experience.


A truly haunting, mysterious, and evocative experience that feels like a nightmare and a myth blended together. The world building reads as both familiar and alien; the environments are strangely claustrophobic yet unbounded. Highly recommended for fans of artistic and experimental gaming experiences.


I loved the game, it's a masterpiece, definetly my new favourite game, the lore, the ambient, everything made the game cryptic and terrifying aswell. 10/10, masterpiece.

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

Yes, it is. Though some things are tweaked from time to time.


That was the best thing that ever happened to me.

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encontré este juego gracias al video del youtuber joseju i el juego me ha gustado más de lo que esperaba, todo y que e intentado unir un poco los hilos de que demonios pasa en la historia tengo intriga y espero a que salga ooo_TowerofNoone


Yo tambien vine por joseju y me gusto el juego

I've downloaded the file for Mac, but it's saying it can't be opened.

Hi, you may need to check an option for opening apps from unidentified developers, here's a link on how to do it:

Tell me if it helps!

It's not because it's an unidentified developer. Nothing showed up to allow it. It just can't be opened.


Just uploaded a version for Mac that may solve the problem. Sorry for the headache though, I don't own a Mac and it's hard going around these kind of issues without one.

Oh, definitely! The system requirements are entirely different. I'd struggle with a PC version if I tried. 


Absolutely amazing, it us a really strange game. Quite unnerving. But it is so well made and the graphics are amazing, the ambient and the atmosphere are amazing. The first 10/10 I am giving out on Stunning.


Hi! Im not here to let my review cuz im recently started playing it. IDK if here is the correct place to let a bug report but here it is!

At the begeining, when you first saw these fine line with the first ''others'' (you know what i mean? when the game let you know how to attack), at the final when you fall into a kind of ¿road? A black way with a kind of yellow line, well, I went back (its suposed to go ahead, but I didnt want to let some easter egg or something similar) i attack and sudenly the psychichs bugged and I got a HUGE DASH like ''PIIIUUUUM'' and I scape the map and the ''brrr' sound that return me to the way didnt happen so I was forced to alt f4.

My mother toungue is spanish so if you speak spanish and you preffer to speak in it pls answer me in spanish<3

Hi! Si, te puedo hablar en español! Gracias por detallar el bug, sé donde esta el problema del que hablas. Y perdoname, se me paso responderte en su momento.


Muchas gracias por este juego, lo acabo de terminar, apenas tengo 17 cuando gane mi primer sueldo te depositare una parte de el. Eres un capo Nonoise


Justo hoy empece a jugar este maravilloso juego. Sin duda este juego me cause emocion. creo que nesecitaria una saga... Eres el mejor.. Nonoise.    De: WillingTrx   Para: Nonoise

Muchisimas gracias!! Estoy trabajando en otra parte, es solo que me esta tomando bastante tiempo.


volví a jugarlo y sin duda este juego me causa una emoción muy fuerte es uno de los pocos juegos que me a echo sentir asi gracias por crear este hermoso juego <3

Me alegro mucho de que te sea una experiencia positiva, gracias por compartirlo.


Hello NONOISE Studio, I love it. I wish you shall same success same this game in the next. I will do a playlist about your art:


I don't know whether you are addicted to those abondoned place like me, but I love the atmosphere the game created - the darkness, the silence and yeah the water, the rock, even the typography. Thank you!

I probably am, thank you!


I really love the theme of your game - the abyss, no mention to say the art style!!!


Buen juego


que mamada me acabo de fumar?

esa maravilla no la entiendo 

porque me obligan a matar a la cosa con una esfera pero no a las demas cosas?


thank you for this masterpiece. fucking intense


Gracias por esto, de verdad. Hacia un año que sabía de este juego y hoy finalmente lo he jugado. No se por qué tuve que esperar tanto, supongo que necesitaba de un domingo tranquilo como hoy para disfrutarlo. Era como ese pequeño regalo que nunca quieres abrir, porque para hacerlo crees que debes disfrutar de cada detalle del proceso, sin prisa. Así que eso hice, me puse los cascos, bajé la persiana y jugué... sin prisa. No se como explicar lo que sentí jugando, fue como un sueño, qué digo como un sueño, mucho mejor. Ya que ahora, despierto, sigo afortunadamente recordándolo todo.

Muchas gracias por tu mensaje ^^ Es muy personal lo que me has dicho y lo agradezco bastante.


This is one of the more unique games I've played. Loved it, really dope atmosphere. The Dark Souls vibes were perfect.


It had me speechless almost the whole time. I abolutely loved the atmosphere the creature found at the end of the tunnel, the battle of the being with the giant hands and blade, I loved it so much. I can't exactly explain what happened and I'm not sure if I can properly process it either, but this might be one of my favorite indie games.

hola, bueno vengo a reportar un error, descargue el juego, pero a la hora de iniciarlo no abre, sale el icono de carga con un signo de interrogacion, eh intentado algunas cosas pero nada..

y cuando deja de cargar solo se cierra sin abrir el jueg

Hola! Qué sistema operativo usas? Has comprobado si has descargado la version correspondiente? Aparte, a veces los antivirus bloquean juegos de unity, has mirado si podria ser eso? También, sabes si te pasa lo mismo con otros juegos hechos en Unity? Perdona si te hago muchas preguntas y siento que te esté dando problemas!

estoy usando windows 10,y estoy usando el antivirus correspondiente de este no me salta ningun mensaje asi que lo desactive pero nada, eh probado otros juegos que usan Unity pero no me han causado problemas, probe tanto la version de x64 y x32, y probe aparte en descargarlo en itch,no se preocupe por las preguntas no me molestan 

lamentablemente, aun sigo teniendo el mismo problema , en verdad lo siento por las molestias, eh oido que es una obra maestra, cuando pueda grabare el error pero nose por donde mandarlo

Seria estupendo si lo grabas, me lo puedes pasar o por aqui si lo subes a youtube o quizás más fácil mandandome un mensaje con el video adjunto a mi cuenta de twitter.

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