A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Facing other's shades.
Strolling through an abyssal place.
The memories, pains and regrets of the old sunken realm.

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Trigger Warning: some loud sounds, but no excessive jumpscares or the like. If it's an issue, here are the locations for the slightly "jumpscary" parts.

···Spoiler[ Some of them are on the rainy part (as in the last screenshot on the right), they are not especially scary, just sudden. ]Spoiler···

[ [ [ Next at tower of many

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AMaze nominated 2019

Note for Mac users: Currently may not work after clicking new game, will update when a fix is found.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(391 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark, Experimental, Exploration, Horror, Surreal, Survival Horror, suspense, Walking simulator
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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{mac}0_abyssalSomewhere.zip 169 MB
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one of the all time greats


The visual aesthetic is incredible, really fits the cold/dead mood of a fossilized universe. I really, really enjoyed the contrast between the void backdrop and the wispy glow of the inhabitants/souls(?). It's got an experimental feel to it (especially the end) and I really think you came out with something novel and interesting. I hope you're still working on oo_towerOfNoOne -- I'd love to visit this (dead) world again!

I am not sure whether to interpret it as a supposed "unintentionally corrupted souls-like game" or a brutalist, dull sci-fi vision of the future (like Angel's Egg). I like both of these interpretations, nicely done!

This game is amazing. 


One of the strangest, most unique games I've ever had the pleasure of playing.


There's actually no way of describing it...Imagine a nightmare that you could remember after waking up. The history is rather depressing and cryptic but worse playing through. 

It also runs fine on Steam Deck as you can see by clicking the link below:


Very cool!





Could you port this game to Linux please? I remember playing this game years ago on Windows, but would kinda like to revisit it on my current Linux system.

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I was really hoping for a native port, but I guess this will have to do.


Hey! Never built it to linux but it should be simple with unity, but I'm not sure I'll be porting it anytime soon. Some parts of the project got broken and I'm not sure when I'll have the time to fix them, sorry :( Currently I'm working on a second part which takes priority for now.


that was crazy

Deleted post

this is absolutely one of the best video games i have ever played


does anyone have a status update for the next game, loved this game and would totally love to play the next!


Hey! Can't put a date for the next one but still working on it.


This game is between the lines of "the creators of this were on drugs" and "they are fucking geniuses." I loved the game. I have been scared and at the same time I have not wanted to stop moving towards the sinister, it really seemed like a work of art to me. I found the graphics and music outstanding, both matched perfectly. I don't know how to speak English very well, so I have used the translator in some parts of this message, I hope you can understand it. I'm looking forward to the studio's next game :)

Este juego esta entre la línea de "los creadores de esto iban drogados" y la de "son unos jodidos genios". Me ha encantado el juego. he pasado miedo y a la vez no he querido parar de avanzar hacia lo siniestro, realmente me ha parecido una obra de arte. Los gráficos y la música me han parecido sobresalientes, ambos concordaban a la perfección. No se hablar muy bien ingles por lo que he usado el traductor en algunas partes de este mensaje, espero que se logre entender. Espero con ansias el próximo juego del estudio :)


0_abyssalSomewhere is interesting because it has such a unique and imposing sensory dedication. It's a piece of architecture in the same way as a Fumito Ueda game mixed directly with an abstract KittyHorrorShow piece, and it's hard to pin down exactly what it's doing with that atmosphere but damn if it isn't effective.

The game starts you off in a space that feels like a mix between the interiors of Haibane Renmei and Rain World's imposing walls, and presents you with a soundscape of unnerving echoes and an almost calming dampness, before adding on top the screeching of rusty metal and souls being rent out of existence by a piercing blade.
It feels, in an eerie way, like what I felt experiencing Twilight Princess' castle sewers for the first time. It tastes, in an eerie way, like electricity. It constructs, in an eerie way, a mix between concrete and something more spiritual, jarring you with familiar shapes and textures before placing figures of light and sound into the setting.


Well I didn't know about Haibane Renmei, look super interesting, thanks for the reference and the flattering review!

It's an all-timer!! Really looking forward to everything you make next, you rock :))

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Been trying to play this. I have a mac book pro laptop. I downloaded the game just fine, it launched to the title screen. But everytime I start a new game, it goes black, then crashes.I click start game and it crashes after loading to a black screen. I tried moving it to my applications folder, still didn't work. It is utterly annoying because it seems like a awesome game to play and record.

Тяжёлая для понимания, но красивая игра

feels like silent hill + ico

beautifull, haunted and strange

Replayed. Cool, and that ooo_towerOfNoOne? It will come to here?


what the fuck did you made me play joseju

i want more


really cool game. gave me alot of ICO vibes. sound design and visuals are very unique. i will definitely be playing it again.

Amazing visuals !

So I've run into an issue. I downloaded the game for Mac, and it download perfectly. I opened the folder, and opened the game. It launched to the title screen just fine, but after starting a new game, it loads for a second, then crashes and closes the application. I tried atleast four times and it did the same thing, not letting me start to game itself. Is there a way I can fix that?


It's happening to me as well!

have you been able to fix the issue or no? I tried it again today, wanting too record it, but still a problem with it crashing.


super cool reminds me of dreams


I don't know if it has anything to do with it but this painting sort of instantly reminded me of Christ of the Trenches. So much so that I had to go dig through my postcards from Portugal to find it because I couldn't remember the specific name of it and only recalled it as 'that one very metal pic of Jesus'.


Hey nonoise, I just wanted to let you know my appreciation for this game. I first played this just after it came out, and since then I have probably played it a good 15 times, maybe even more. This piece of art has affected my taste so much that my default is now searching for games that can even get close to evoking the incredibly surreal, dark, and dreamlike quality that this so expertly brings about. Some games have gotten close to certain aspects of it, but none have truly captured the emotion quite like this.

This is officially both my most played, and favorite game of all time, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. I check at least once every two weeks for any updates on future projects. 

I'm an amateur musician, and have friends in game development, so I have some understanding of the time, effort, and passion required to tackle a project as big as this. I just want to let you know that it's okay to take your time on the next installment. Many people are eagerly waiting to see how this story continues, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that you have enough time to tell the story in the way that you want to. Take every second you need.

On the other hand, to hopefully further alleviate some of the pressure, it is also okay if this work stands on its own two feet. Making a game (much less singlehandedly) is one of the most difficult creative pursuits out there, and I would not at all blame you if the sequel never gets finished. The fact that the first game came out as special as it is is an achievement worthy of a lifetime of game development. 

Well done, and no matter what happens in the future, I wish you the best. You have a gift for game development, and I wish you the best of luck in whatever future projects you choose to pursue.

P.S. Sorry that it took me so long to buy this. My financial situation was a bit sticky these last couple of years. I hope what I have given you makes up for that, at least somewhat.


Okay, that was wild. I'll be honest, I'm not sure what just happened, but the atmosphere and aesthetics were great. Reminded me of Dark Souls a little (I'm sure you get that often), though I haven't actually played Dark Souls. The climactic fight at the end (or was it really a fight?) looked beautiful. Also loved the rain and water effects in the middle portion. Kudos!

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it is not working for mac. i downloaded the new mac version, but still, even after giving access to my panel, after i click "continue" or "new game" the game just suddenly closes.

This is really a shame, the game looks beautiful and i was looking forward to playing it. 


This is going to stay in my head for sure. A beautiful game with so much to think about, an unforgettable experience that I'll probably be trying to decipher forever.

that was really weird.


I remember playing this game not too long after it came out... I have found many great experiences and moments because this game opened my eyes to a whole world of worlds that were eager to be explored.

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this is an absolute aesthetic and i loved the atmosphere and the character you play

games where you explore forgotten immense structures build for an unknown purpose are my jam

and playing as a knight statue to boot

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I really enjoyed this, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Here's my playthrough (sorry about the crap audio, I'll use a better mic next time):

Hello. I just wanted to say that it's been three years since the first time I experienced this and I still can't get it out of my head. Thank you for making this, and I'll still be eagerly awaiting Tower no matter how long it takes.

love it thank you 

this has to be the best game i've found on here i really really want more i hope there will be more in the near future

This is cool and good art. Nice!!!


Beautiful and eerie, profound sense of loss, but with a glint of longing and deeply sorrowful melancholy that complements very unique 3D art direction. A gem.

Warning to viewers: SPOILERS IN VIDEO!




I played this back on March 5 and I absolutely fell in love with the story, atmosphere, and the brave hero. The music and sound effects in this game are amazing as well. I can't wait to play future installments! Excellent work! I really love games like this that are different.
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